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Advancing through quality training

AQT Training, providing high quality training and progression opportunities to employers and their staff.


"To enable people from all walks of life reach Their full potential whilst advancing throught training"


If you are unable to access Government funding below are the full costs of courses available at AQT Group.

Course name


Fee (registration included)

Health and Social Care Diploma Level 2 £1,400
Level 3 £1,950
Level 5 £2,600
Customer Service Certificate Level 2 £1,150
Customer Service Diploma Level 3 £1,500
Level 4 £1,850
Business and Administration Certificate Level 2 £1,150
Business and Administration Diploma Level 3 £1,500
Level 4 £1,850
Leadership and Management   £1,850
Providing Security Services Certificate Level 2 £1,400
Spectator Safety Certificate Level 2 £1,400



 *Registration and Certification awards are made through Edexel.
 *Payment arrangements can be made upon your first appointment with an advisor.



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